This is the timeline of the release dates of all Garmin Edge bicycle computers in the 500, 800 and 1000 Series, from 2010 (Edge 500) to 2023 (540/840). These three series have been the backbone of Garmin’s bicycle offerings since 2010.

This may be useful if you want to estimate when a particular computer will be refreshed.

On the different series/models

The 500, 800 and 1000 series are different physical devices, but they run almost identical software. Generally the 1000 series has the most features and the 500 the least, but the differences are minor.

The 500 is a series of “small” computers, the cheapest of the three. They have a button interface and are very popular with people who don’t like touchscreens.

The 800 is almost identical to the 500 series in size, but has a touchscreen interface.

The 1000 series is Garmin’s “large screen” computer series - it is essentially an 800 series but about 50% larger.

The “Explore” models are cheaper, downgraded variants of the base models. The “Plus” models are minor upgrades over the base model.

There are other Garmin Edge bicycle computer that were released in the same time range (like the 20 and 25) but they are not included in this chart since they are not in one of Garmin’s main series of Edge devices.

For more details and great reviews of these computers, check out .

Garmin Edge release timeline Garmin Edge release timeline