I need a warmer sleeping bag for the desert. When I got up, it was cold and raining, so I made my tea and oatmeal inside the tent, trying hard not to set it on fire.

I packed my stuff and went riding on some unpaved roads and trails until I was out of the desert. It’s a pretty nice area (for a desert) but it’s full of bullet casings and shot up TVs. They really must like shooting in Nevada, who would have thought.

The plan was to take the highway to Big Pine, camp in the desert near a lake and cross the mountains into Death Valley the next day.

As it turns out, both the lake and the only feasible path through the mountains are on private land and surrounded by electric fences, so I had to find something else. I ended up taking a 4WD trail into Pine Mountain wilderness, which was in the right direction.

I finally found a nice spot to camp just before darkness and cooked some rice with sausage, which turned out excellent. Tomorrow I’m going to enter the Death Valley, check out the racetrack playa, and then probably head to Ridgecrest or Bakersfield.