Entering Mexico in Tijuana took literally one minute. They didn’t even want to see my passport or driver’s license - just the registration. I have a feeling that coming back won’t be as easy. I rode around Tijuana for a bit - my GPS decided to turn itself off or crash every couple of minutes, which didn’t make this easier. Thanks Garmin. I stopped and gave it a couple of good whacks, which seemed to fix it.

The drivers in Mexico are by far not as bad as I feared. At least they have the good sense to go fast enough, unlike in the US. I went down the coast towards Ensenada and ate something on the way. 110 pesos seemed a lot - I didn’t realize that when the Mexicans say “un pollo”, they mean an entire chicken. I ate half of it and packed the rest.

I got bored pretty quickly on the main road, so I took a smaller road which was on my map but not the GPS. At some point I took a wrong turn, and ended up on increasingly small unpaved roads, then on single trail, and when that ended, I just went across the desert and made my own trail.

The bushes and sticks kept on whipping my feet off the pegs, so after an hour or so I decided to turn around. About an hour into another unpaved road, I found a campground with hot springs and a pool, so I set up my tent there. Quite the lucky find!

Fortunately I still had the chicken from lunch, or so I thought. It must have escaped the cargo net somewhere along the way. The nice people at the campground made some hot food for me even though they were closed. Viva Mexico!