I got started at the campground and wanted to go to highway 3, but after going forth and back several times I found out that the road on my map simply does not exist, so I rode back the way I came and headed south instead. The bike started giving me some trouble when going full throttle - it suddenly lost power, misfired, and at one point the engine just turned off. I don’t know yet what the issue is - maybe it’s the Mexican gas, or the heat, or maybe some dirt got into the carb. I’ll try to get premium gas from now on, maybe that’ll fix the problem.

Shortly after San Vicente I passed a military checkpoint (sorry, no pictures, I was too chicken to pull the camera out) and took a dirt road towards Lázaro Cárdenas. It was a 30 mile steady climb on a very sand, dusty road. At one point I came very close to crashing when the as and got deeper - obviously in front of a construction crew, the only people I saw on the whole road.

One of the workers stopped me and wanted a cigarette, and wanted to know what kind of bike I have.

I finally reached Lázaro Cárdenas at four, ate something and decided to stay in a hotel. It’s a tiny town with not much here - the roads are unpaved and full of holes, and most buildings are closer to shacks than houses. The hotel staff warned me about “ladrones de motocicleta”, so I’ll take the bike inside later when they’re not looking.