I’m sitting at the beach as I write this. Eat this, workaholics!

Today was another day on the highways. Nice scenery, but not much happened. I guess the highlight is that I “fixed” the problems the motorcycle had - as it turns out the petcock got half closed (probably by a bush while going off road) and so the engine didn’t get enough fuel at full throttle. I opened it and everything works fine now.

Now I’m staying at a little hotel at the beach in Gulfo de Santa Clara, a small fishing town on the east side of the gulf of California. I already got scammed out of $10, so I guess I’m really at the beach. The hotel guy didn’t want to say the price, then talked me into paying in US dollars (I should have seen it coming), and then obviously had no change in any currency. Oh well.

For some reason nobody goes into the water - instead, they just drive up and down the beach in very loud pickup trucks. I don’t know yet where I’ll go tomorrow, but I want to head inland and hit some trails again. Now I’m going to get some dinner. Remember: always pay in pesos.