Today was a good day. I left Magdalena and took a small road towards Cucurpé - on the way I explored some unpaved side roads, rode through some cattle and horse farms, and finally came back to the paved road.

But the fun started after that. 80 kilometers of perfect motorcycling roads - twisty, great scenery and just enough potholes and debris on the road to keep things interesting.

An awesome day An awesome day

I took a break in Arizpe, a very beautiful little town on the way. I had been there for maybe 5 minutes when a woman introduced herself as a journalist of the town newspaper and offered to answer any questions I might have. I told her what I was doing, and asked her whether there was any place I could east something. Everything in the town was closed, but she pointed me to a restaurant on the way I had come. I choose not to go there and ate a banana instead on a bench in front of this church:

Church in Arizpe Church in Arizpe

After a while an old man came by and we chatted for a while. Apparently he has a friend in Oakland who used to visit Arizpe quite often. As most men in Sonora, he wore a cowboy hat, which the wind blew off his head while we were talking

After Arizpe, another 50 awesome curvy kilometers. I ended the day in Esqueda, a rather ugly and dusty town, and ate some pretty good tacos.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to check out a nearby lake - then I’m going to head north and cross the border in Agua Prieta. I’m aiming to reach some place in the Tucson area.