I brought several pairs of underpants on this tour - that’s the kind of guy I am. They are all of the same type, and that was a big mistake as it turns out. Also, my riding gear is rainproof, all-season gear from Switzerland, so I’ve been sweating like a cheese in the sun for the past week. And my DRZ, being basically a dirt bike, has a seat the design of which must have been inspired by a 2x4.

This combination has led to some very sore spots on my butt - I can’t ride for more than a few minutes without it getting painful. So tonight I bought some different underpants, in the hope that they’ll have different pressure points, and a small pillow which I’m going to duct tape to the seat. I’m sure it’ll look very stylish.

Today I started out in Esqueda. As my last action in Mexico, I checked out an unnamed lake in the vicinity. It turns out that it’s an artificial lake, but it was still quite pretty.

After that, I crossed the border in Agua Prieta which was quite painless. Much to the joy of the drivers, I lane split to the front and was through in just a few minutes. They were very pleased to see such a nice motorcycle as a distraction during their long wait. American highways are so smooth and the drivers so considerate and law-abiding. I have to get out of Mexico mode if I want to keep my license. Due to my sore butt, I only made it to Tucson. Tomorrow I’m aiming for LA.