Sandpaper grit progression calculator

Have you ever wondered what the optimal grit progression is if you are aiming for a 25% increase at every step? Or a 50% increase? Wonder no more! This spreadsheet will calculate it all for you: Sandpaper grit progression calculator By the way, here are some precalculated progressions, starting at 40 grit. I picked the available grits from the Festool Granat line which has a pretty complete set of grits. The 25% and 33% are probably excessive - I would personally use a 50% progression or something around there....

January 21, 2022

Sandpaper grits - ISO vs CAMI chart (P220 vs 220)

There are two main classifications of sandpaper: the American CAMI/ANSI standard, and the international ISO/FEPA standard that is replacing it. The CAMI grit size is designated by a number (e.g. “220”), while the ISO grit size is designated by the letter “P” followed by a number, e.g. “P220”. The tricky part is that the two grit numbers are not equivalent - for example, P360 is rougher than 360. Here is a chart showing the grit size and the ration of grit sizes for numbers from 24 to 1000:...

January 20, 2022

Grizzly G0555, G0555LX guide bearing sizes

The Grizzly G0555LX bandsaw (and several others in the G0555 family) has 6 guide bearings: 2 larger ones at the back of the blade, and 4 smaller ones on the side of the blade. The sizes are as follows: Larger bearings (2 needed): 10 mm inner diameter, 26 mm outer diameter, 8 mm width. Smaller bearings (4 needed): 8 mm inner diameter, 22 mm outer diameter, 7 mm width.

May 31, 2021

Dovetail Angles, Rise:Run and Degree Calculator

Change the Rise:Run or the angle to calculate the other. 1: = Rise:Run Degrees What angles do 1:6, 1:7, 1:8 correspond to? Dovetails angles are often specified as a Rise:Run ratio, for example 1:7. This corresponds to the angle of a line that covers a vertical distance of 7 cm (or inches, or whatever unit you prefer) and deflects horizontally by 1 cm (or inches, or whatever unit you prefer)....

May 10, 2021

Drill bit sets: 14, 21 or 29 pieces? What sizes?

If you want to buy a twist drill bit set for home use but aren’t sure what you need, this will hopefully help you. The range you will generally need for home use is 1/16" to 1/2". Anything smaller than 1/16" will almost certainly break when used in an handheld drill, and typical handheld drills don’t have the power to drive twist drills larger than 1/2". If you need to drill larger holes than that, you will want to get a different type of bit (like a spade bit, forstner bit, or a hole saw)....

May 7, 2021

Stanley Bailey Chisel Tang Details and Dimensions

Note: this is not a review, this just shows how the steel is attached to the handle, in case you want to replace handles. I do not recommend these chisels - in fact I don’t like them much and there are better ones available at a similar price. This is about the modern (2015 in my case) Stanley Bailey chisels. They are an intermediate offer from Stanley, above the plastic handled ones, but below the more expensive “Sweetheart” chisels....

April 16, 2021